Kinesis Boxing
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Boxing Reinvented


An Authentic Boxing Experience

We deliver the "real deal" boxing experience, found in any serious boxing gym, in a private one on one setting.
This isn't watered down cardiovascular boxing like what's at your local gym. We start with proper form and technique, ensuring you are learning the fundamentals the right way.

Boxing For All Levels And Ages

From learning the fundamentals, to getting in the ring, we coach all levels of boxers. Many of our clients are first timers, and others having previous boxing experience.  Whether age 8 or 80, all are welcome!

One on One Training

We also offer a copious personal training selection, melding multiple modalities of training into a progressive, kinestetically sound training regimen.

Modality Based Training

  • Trx Suspension Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Functional Training
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Special Populations


Train Together


Semi Private Training

Want to train with a friend? no problem, we've got you covered. A variety of sessions are available in a semi private setting. Want us to supply the friend? We can do that too!

Jeff Gittleson, is a veteran of the fitness field. Through his 14 year tenure, Jeff has held management roles at such companies as Equinox, New York Sports Clubs, and Synergy Fitness. Having transitioned out of the corporate fitness world, Jeff utilizes his mastery of personal trainer education to cultivate a premium experience for each and every client. 

Through in depth client assessment, a detailed training program can be developed for each individual, allowing for client results in every aspect of their individual fitness needs. For boxing only clients, this translates to a tried and true technique based training regimen. With emphasis on the proper boxing form, Jeff is able to guide his clients from throwing their first punch, to their first sparring session if they desire.

Keeping the focus on the skills themselves, boxing tends to be an enjoyable modality for clients looking to improve their level of fitness as well. 


Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology (study of human movement)

National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Pre/Post Natal certified

Lifestyle/weight management Certified

USA Boxing Coach certification