Kinesis Boxing
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Lets Get Started

Introductory Promo

We aren't big on offering giant session packages that cost a fortune, but a small intro package is just what the doctor ordered. All first time clients are eligible for five 60 minute sessions an a low introductory rate. No gimmicks, or fine print, simply come in and get started.


Private Sessions

The gold standard of training. Use your 60 minute session however you want. Functional training, boxing, or even a combination of the two. Sessions are on a pay as you go basis, easy and simple. At our low session price, with no package required, there is no large investment needed to get started.


Semi Private Sessions

Want to train with a friend? We do that too. You can still choose to do functional training, boxing, or a combination of the two, at a reduced rate per person for a 60 minute session. Again, no large investment needed, pay as you go.